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Dermatologists are professionals in the care and therapies for the skin. A dermatology doctor has the expert ability to read patients, as well as to prevent and treat various skin problems. After earning a medical degree, and then completing a hospital internship, dermatologists receive three years of special medical coaching to become an expert dedicated to the conditions of the skin, hair, and nails. Some dermatologists receive more specialized coaching and expertise in a specific area of dermatology. This can include pediatric medicine, surgery, or beauty products. Dr. Longwill, a local dermatologist in Miami, treats a variety of skin care disorders.

Skin Condition Treatments

Wrinkle Treatment


  • Seniors use wrinkle elimination/reduction to make their skin appear years younger. Botox, Restylane, Juvederm, and Perlane injections all help to smooth out wrinkles and replenish a person’s beauty. The effects of aging on our bodies, especially the skin, are considerable. Not only does the dermal layer thin, but also starts to produce less collagen and elastin fibers. These natural fibers provide flexibility and begin to wear out. These changes of the skin cause the skin to hang free, wrinkle and sag over time. Exposure to ultraviolet mild, UVA, or UVB sunlight accounts for 90% of premature skin aging.




  • Dermatology professionals help remove acne, and acne scars using a variety of local and oral medication, as well as mild laser device therapy choices. Laser therapy controls breakouts, considerably reducing acne problems. A diagnosis of acne allows the local dermatologist in Miami to place your condition into one of four categories. They evaluate the types of comedones present, amount of inflammation present, the large intensity of acne, as well as what areas are afflicted. Because acne has many forms, your local dermatologist in Miami will design a personal therapy to ensure successful acne management.


Scars, Birthmarks, Stretchmarks, and Tattoo Removal:

  • Though complete scar and stretch mark elimination are impossible, marks can be improved by means of variable cosmetic techniques. These can include microdermabrasion, collagen injections, chemical peels, and moreover fat transfer procedures. Your local dermatologist in Miami can also suggest creams, gels, or bandages comprised of rubber to help reduce exposure and scar pain.
  • During a laser tattoo removal, high-energy light from the laser breaks down tattoo ink into small particles. These particles are progressively engrossed by your skin. Laser tattoo elimination may cause minimal discomfort, though local painkillers are often used to lessen the pain.



  • This is a serious and potentially life-disruptive disorder primarily of facial skin. Rosacea causes soreness similar to impact but is often accompanied by itching and burning sensations. There are choices available from your dermatologist’s office to treat this condition. Your local dermatologist in Miami will recommend a mixture of therapies designed to your unique biology. Many rosacea therapies are applied directly to the afflicted skin. Creams, foams, lotions, cleansers, pads, gels, topical antibiotics, azelaic acid, metronidazole, sulfacetamide, benzoyl bleach, or finally retinol may all be prescribed by the local dermatologist in Miami.




  • A common skin disease that causes rapid skin cell production. This condition results in large, red, scaly, dry, and scratchy areas on the skin. Psoriasis affects over 2.2% of Americans and 1-3% of the global populace. Skin psoriasis displays flare-ups of red spots beneath silvery, scaly skin. The exact causes of psoriasis are unknown, and there is no cure. However, several scientists believe that a variety of factors play a role in the disease’s progression. A local dermatologist in Miami is trained to help identify the condition and develop a treatment plan to gain control over the breakouts.


Miami Center for Skin Disorders

At the Miami Center for Dermatology, we believe in a holistic, clinical approach. This involves first listening to patient concerns, then diagnosis and educating on individual treatment options. Don’t decide on a random dermatologist you find through ZocDoc. Ensure that you will be happy with your results and schedule times for an appointment with the Miami Center for Dermatology. We can help you manage a comprehensive skin care regimen as you combat unfortunate skin conditions and the adverse signs of aging.

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