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Need a Reliable Pediatric Dermatologist? Call Dr. Longwill!

Pediatric Dermatology Center

Pediatric dermatologists are medical professionals who have specialized in the area of children. At our Pediatric Dermatology Center, Dr. Longwill very carefully takes care of and treats the skin problems of all children from birth and through adolescence. If your child is experiencing any level of severity of a skin condition, it is crucial that you consult your Pediatric Dermatologist in order to avoid the issue escalating to anything more serious. The several kinds of skin conditions that should compel you to visit your child’s dermatologist include the following: odd birthmarks, eczema, warts, or psoriasis. While using the latest and absolute best technology, our Pediatric Dermatology Center will help to treat and get rid of any skin irritations and conditions that your child may be suffering from.

What Kind of Treatments Do Pediatric Dermatologists Provide

Since children do not always know how to navigate their word usage and express what they are feeling, it truly does take a caring and special kind of person to be their Pediatric Dermatologist. So, would you like more specific information on what kind of treatments our Pediatric Dermatologist Dr. Longwill provides? Here is a list of some of the treatments that our center provides:

  • Prescription treatments of skin conditions
  • Medical and surgical treatment of skin conditions
  • Surgical removal of molluscum
  • Treatment and removal of skin warts
  • Skin lumps
  • Skin biopsies

Professional Pediatrics Dermatology Services

Our staff at the Pediatric Dermatology Center diagnoses and treats newborns, infants, and children who may have a disease or condition that affects their hair, skin, and nails. As long as your son or daughter is under the age of 18, our Pediatric Dermatology Center in Miami can and absolutely will offer them our services. Call us today at 305-279-7546 or click here for more information.