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What Is Pityriasis Rosea? How Can Dr. Longwill Help!

Pityriasis Rosea Treatment

Pityriasis Rosea is a common condition that typically develops rashes on the skin. Patients have reported that the rash typically begins to form as a circular irritation on various parts of the body. The initial phase is usually four inches in diameter, but can grow and worsen over time. The areas of the body in which Pityriasis Rosea is found can vary, but is normally detected on a patient’s back, chest, or abdomen.

Symptoms of Pityriasis Rosea

At Miami Center for Dermatology, our medical professionals are equipped with the knowledge and experience needed in order to detect and  provide quickly and effective Pityriasis Rosea Treatment. We have had many patients come in with symptoms tied to Pityriasis Rosea over the years and have been able to provide fast relief. Some of these common symptoms include:

  • Fever
  • Irritated rash
  • Raised, scaly patch
  • Fatigue
  • Severe itching of the skin
  • Sore throat

In order to clearly identify Pityriasis Rosea, our experts search for what is known as a herald patch. This is a spot on the skin that is commonly surrounded by smaller lesions and a raised border. A herald patch can range anywhere from two to ten centimeters in diameter and cause severe itching and discomfort to the patient.

Skin Rash Rosea

Pityriasis Rosea can affect anyone, but is most common in individuals ages ten through thirty-five. Research has not found a clear cause for Pityriasis Rosea, as it is not caused by an allergic reaction or bacteria. The rash can affect patients in different manners, so it is highly recommended that you seek Pityriasis Rosea Treatment as soon as it is detected. Although it is rare for Pityriasis Rosea to cause severe symptoms, it can be dangerous for patients who are pregnant. If you are pregnant and are experiencing signs of this condition, contact our offices immediately. Our professionals will find options and solutions that are right for you.

Not sure if the developing rash on your chest could be Pityriasis Rosea? Stay on the safe side and contact Miami Center for Dermatology at (305) 279-7546 today to schedule an appointment. If needed, we offer some of the best Pityriasis Rosea Treatment options in South Florida! Or, click here to make an appointment.