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Why Should I See a Dermatologist? Find out How a Visit Can Save Your Life!

Skin Cancer Treatment in Miami

Have you noticed a change in your skin? Like a mole or a dark spot that you’ve never noticed? Visiting the dermatologist annually is extremely important to help you feel confident with the health of your skin. If you have any skin conditions, visiting more than once a year is the best option for treatments and results. At the Miami Center for Dermatology, we offer the best Skin Cancer Treatment in Miami to help you not only reduce your risk of skin cancer through guidance and products, but also to recognize the signs and symptoms, as well as receive the best treatment with our SRT-100!

What is the SRT-100? How is it the best Skin Cancer Treatment in Miami?

The SRT-100 is a new and innovative form of technology that can help treat your skin cancer condition. Miami Center for Dermatology is the first dermatology center to offer this amazing treatment, which is why it is important to visit Dr. Longwill if you have concerns regarding skin cancer.

The SRT-100 is a safe radiotherapy that goes slightly beneath the skin that can benefit you! The advantages include: no scarring, fast healing, it is safe, the procedure is short, and can help you get closer to treating your skin cancer condition.

“Dr. Longwill’s Miami Center for Dermatology treats 1,000’s skin cancer case a year, we expect this new treatment to be of aid to our patients. Most importantly, the SRT-100 has a cure rate of 95 to 98 percent.”

Best Dermatologist in Miami

How visiting Dr. Longwill for skin cancer can save your life?

More often than not, people see a mole or a dark spot on their skin and assume it is nothing. But, at Miami Center for Dermatology, we understand the importance of speaking to a professional on your current skin condition in order to have peace of mind and guidance through it.

After being interviewed throughout these last few years about the SRT-100, Dr. Longwill is known as the go-to person for the best Skin Cancer Treatment in Miami. So take the first step towards your treatment and make an appointment with Dr. Longwill! Once you have the appointment, we recommend writing down any questions or concerns that you might have regarding any type of of skin condition you think you might have. This is a great way to have all of your questions answered by Dr. Longwill.

During your appointment, Dr. Longwill will examine your skin and answer any questions or concerns you might have regarding your skin cancer and the SRT-100 treatment.

Skin Cancer Doctor in Miami

At Miami Center for Dermatology, we can help guide you in the right direction towards a skin cancer treatment to help save your skin. Make an appointment with us today at or call us at 305-279-7546! Let us help you feel peace of mind in your health, and visit us today for the best Skin Cancer Treatment in Miami!