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How to Prevent Sun Spots All Year Round

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Sunspots are a sign of skin damage that shows how your skin is reacting to the sun’s harmful UV rays. With too much melanin in one area of your skin, you will see your skin having many spots and speckles. Sunspots usually show up on the face, neck, shoulders, arms, and more and keeping these areas covered and protected will help to prevent sunspots. But what else can you do to prevent them? Dr. Longwill, the Skin Doctor in Pinecrest, understands the importance of keeping your skin protected from the sun at all times in order to prevent sunspot and skin cancer development. That is why she offers these amazing tips to avoid sunspots all year round!

Ways to avoid sunspots:

  1. The most obvious way of avoiding sunspots and any other sun-related damage is by applying sunscreen! Thanks to Dr. Longwill for her amazing sun protection products from her store, you are now able to apply dermatologist-approved products to protect your skin. To view Dr. Longwill’s sun protection products, click here!
  2. What you include in your diet is important because the foods you eat can provide your skin with nutrients and vitamins it needs. Some foods that are good for you are oranges and tomatoes because they are high in vitamin C and can help minimize the damage from UV exposure. Green tea, green veggies, and tuna as well as watermelons and grapes, are all helpful in protecting your skin from the harsh sun.
  3. One of the best ways to prevent and get rid of sunspots is with the treatments and services offered by Dr. Longwill, the Skin Doctor in Pinecrest. She offers many cosmetic dermatology services that will help the sunspots such as chemical peels, facials, and more!

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