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Struggling With Saggy Skin? Here Are a List of Treatments That Can Help!

Skin Tightening Treatments

As more and more people are looking to turn back the clocks of aging and improve their appearance, dermatologists are pioneering several of the newest Skin Tightening Treatments. Before considering any cosmetic procedure, our team does recommend that patients do their own homework and research the procedures they are seeking to have done. Once you decide what you are going to go for, we are here to help make that happen. If you happen to need any clarification or help deciding, we of course will also be gladly available.

Professional Anti Aging Experts

Cosmetic Dermatology is becoming one of the most popular forms of treatment to eliminate wrinkles, saggy skin, folds, age spots, and unwanted fat. Both men and women as young as 20 years old are seeking cosmetic dermatology to rejuvenate their skin. Dr. Longwill and her physician assistants provide each patient with the best care and technology available in the Miami area. Our goal is to satisfy your cosmetic needs with the latest technological systems. We do all of this, while also avoiding incisions, safely eliminating wrinkles, skin sagging, age spots, unwanted fat, and much more!

Professional Anti Aging Procedures

Here at Miami Center, we offer several different types of Skin Tightening Treatments. There are different options, depending on what exactly each individual wants. In order to help you narrow this all down and make your decision, our team has listed the Skin Tightening Treatments we offer below:

Thermage Treatment: Thermage treatment at the Miami Center For Dermatology helps tighten and contour your skin in a single treatment; no surgery and no injections. Dr. Longwill and staff want their patients to feel beautiful and confident in their skin. If you’d like to know if you are a good match for the Miami Thermage Treatment contact Dr. Longwill today.

Ultherapy Treatment: If you’ve thought about eliminating saggy skin around the neck or toning the skin on your face but do not have the days to spare that comes with surgery, Dr. Longwill at the Miami Center For Dermatology offers her patients a perfect alternative, the Ultherapy treatment.

Fraxel: Fraxel treatment is a revolutionary laser treatment that helps you remove years from your appearance and regain a more youthful look. As the original product in the Fraxel family, Fraxel restore treatment is the gold standard for quickly rejuvenating your skin and correcting acne scars and other imperfections, all with very little impact to your daily routine.

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