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Living with Vitiligo? The Miami Center for Dermatology Can Help Provide Treatment

Vitiligo Treatment

At Miami Center for Dermatology, we offer treatment for a variety of medical conditions including Vitiligo, the loss of color in patches of the skin. Vitiligo is caused by the cells that produce melanin in the skin either die or stop functioning. The loss of color is more noticeable in those who have darker skin, and it is not contagious or life-threatening. If you are looking for the best Vitiligo Treatment from the most qualified dermatologist in Miami, look no further than Dr. Deborah Longwill and the Miami Center for Dermatology.

Doctors are still unsure as to what causes melanin creating cells to die. But it is believed to be related to genetics, an autoimmune disorder, or another trigger such as sunburn or stress. For those wanting to treat their symptoms, here are some of the Vitiligo Treatment options that may be given to you by our physicians.

Which Treatment Is Best for Vitiligo

Anti-inflammation cream: When applied to affected areas on the skin, corticosteroid cream can help to restore pigmentation in the skin in several months.

Light therapy: By using a substance called psoralen on the affected areas of skin or taking it by mouth and being exposed to ultraviolet light, color may return to light patches of skin. Treatments will need to be several times a week for up to a year.

Micropigmentation: Almost like tattooing, your physician will use a specialized instrument to implant pigment in your skin. It may be hard to match skin color completely, and it is more effective for those with darker skin colors.

Depigmentation: If your Vitiligo is widespread and other treatments have not seemed to work, then this may be an option for you. It involves applying a depigmenting agent on parts of the skin that are unaffected, so they will eventually lighten and blend with affected parts of the skin. This treatment needs to be done daily for months at a time, and it is permanent.

Vitiligo Treatments That Work

At Miami Center for Dermatology, we have several different Vitiligo Treatment options for those looking to treat their symptoms. Dr. Deborah Longwill has over 20 years of medical and cosmetic dermatological experience, so she knows which treatments and technologies will be best for treating your skin, no matter the type. If you have any questions or concerns about any of our Vitiligo Treatment options, our staff will be happy to answer them for you.

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