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What Causes Warts?

Wart Removal in Miami

Causes of Warts

Warts are rough and they look similar to a solid blister or cauliflower. Actually, they may develop in various parts of the body primarily on your feet and hands. It is a fact that more and more people today are suffering from it. This is not just a simple health issue that needs simple medication. If you have it, you should be given with right medicine for it as soon as possible to avoid it from getting worse. Aside from that, when you notice some signs and symptoms of warts, you must go immediately to your doctor in order to stop their development. The cause of warts is a virus which is known as the human Papilloma virus or HPV. It actually infects the squamous epithelium in the genital skin. However, every type of human Papilloma virus can only infect the small parts of your body. It only means that this particular skin issue only appears in a small part of your body. According to most doctors, there are almost 130 types of human Papilloma viruses. They can generate benevolent development which is called papilloma or wart.

The types of Human Papillomavirus are:

• Genital and cancer dysplasia

This is the risky type of HPV that has a connection with cervical cancer

• Common warts

It is the most popular HPV type and 2, 4, 26, 57, 29, 1, and 3.

Anogenital warts

This is usually called venereal warts and condylomata acuminate. This is the 6 and 11 type of


• Heck’s disease

32 and 13 HPV categories

Flat warts

HPV category 28, 10, and 3

• Plantar warts

This is the HPV type 1, which is also very to a lot of people

• Butcher’s warts

It is the 7th

Warts come out in several types, and these are the following:

• Verruca Plana or flat wart

• Verruca Vulgaris or common wart

• Veneral wart or genital wart

• Digitate or filiform wart

• Verruca plantains or plantar wart

• Periungual wart

• Mosaic wart

If you are one of the people who suffer from warts, you must ask help from a clinic that offers wart removal Miami. A type of clinic that offers such service comes with well-built and comprehensive tools in treating this particular skin issue. It is a fact that they have professional doctors who can really give an impressive health care service to patients. That’s why you and some of their patients will no longer have problems on them. Through the help of their knowledgeable doctors and durable type of HPV medical tools, they can always assure their patients that they will help them in treating warts. Furthermore, a wart removal Miami clinic offers their service for an affordable rate. There are times that they give free medicines to patients in order to have a continuous recovery process. With all of these facts, people who suffer from wart will have the interest to try their service. One thing that is for sure about them, they will give you the kind of treatment that can meet your needs and demands.

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