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What Is Your Skin Type? Take Our Quiz to Find Out!

Combination Skin Cream

If you are looking to buy skincare products, it is important to know what type of skin you have. Depending on your skin type, different products may irritate your skin and cause inflammation. At Miami Center for Dermatology, our quiz can help you find out what type of skin you have. For example, Combination Skin Cream will benefit those who have mostly dry skin, except on the T-area (forehead, nose, and chin). Learning your skin type can better equip you to keep your skin looking younger and healthier as you get older!

Different skin types have varying levels of dryness, sensitivity, pore size, and other factors. Knowing what situations are best for your skin allows you to remain prepared and understand yourself even better. Dr. Deborah Longwill has over 20 years of medical and cosmetic dermatological experience, so she knows everything there is about skin types. Before buying any more expensive skincare products, take our quiz and sit down with Dr. Longwill so you can know what products and techniques are best for you. Using Combination Skin Cream rather than basic and generic products will make a huge difference in how you look and feel.

Best Cream for Oily Skin

Dr. Longwill also sells her own Combination Skin Cream and other skincare products that are great for any skin types. Her products contain healing ingredients such as green tea and aloe vera to soothe the skin and provide structure to the cells. They are also made without irritating, rough soaps so you will not have to be afraid of feeling itchy or inflamed after use. Dr. Longwill is always keeping up with the latest dermatological developments and technologies, so she can provide her patients with the best products and care possible. After speaking with her and taking our skin type quiz, you will not look at skincare the same again!

At Miami Center for Dermatology, we can help you understand and learn about your skin type. Whether you are in need of Combination Skin Cream or any other products, we have the best skincare products for all skin types. If your skin has been feeling irritable and you have not found a solution, our team will be happy to help you find it.

Skincare for Combination Skin

Discover your skin type and the best techniques to care for your skin from Dr. Longwill by calling us today at 305-279-7546 and click here to learn more today!