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How Can You Harm Your Skin When You Do Your Own Facials at Home?

Facial Treatments at Home

Facials are an important aspect of an individual’s skin care routine. While some may view it as a luxury that is not needed, it is an absolute must in keeping your complexion clear and healthy. It is not uncommon for some to attempt to take the matter into their own hands and perform Facial Treatments at Home, but this is highly discouraged by professionals.

We understand the need to cut corners sometimes financially, but performing your own facial should not be part of your budgeting. By performing a delicate procedure such as this on your own you may accidentally do some permanent damage to yourself. At the Miami Center for Dermatology, our skilled dermatologist offers excellent facials at an affordable price to accommodate all of our patients and discourage the practice of completing Facial Treatments at Home.

Deep Facial Treatment

For a classic facial that is free of any additions you may not want, we begin with pore cleansing and follow with a facial massage to stimulate the skin, applying a raspberry enzyme and continuing into a soothing steam extraction. We then finalize your treatment with an oxygen mask, hand massage, and sunscreen application.

We even offer facials that are specially developed for men! We call it the Gentleman’s Facial. This tailor-made treatment dedicated to the specific needs of a man’s skin is a wonderful way to revive and relax. Beginning with a foaming pore cleanse, exfoliating the skin, and massaging the face to stimulate the skin. Once completely relaxed we proceed to steam the face with a warm damp towel and extract impurities in the nose area, following a mint fresh mask to further draw impurities, a soothing massage of arms and hands, finalizing with a moisturizer and sunscreen application to leave your skin conditioned and healthy.

Regardless of what your preferences are, we are certain that we offer a facial that is right for you. Our caring team is more than happy to help you find solutions and offer unique procedures you will not find anywhere else.

Professional Facial

The Miami Center for Dermatology offers a variety of cosmetic and medical procedures to help you look and feel your best! Skip your Facial Treatments at Home all us today at (305) 279-7546 for professional care, or click here to make an appointment now!

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