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Herpes is a kind of viral infection that is transmittable and it is usually caused by herpes simplex virus. If you are infected by this kind of virus, your skin will usually have blisters and sores around your nose, genitals, mouth and buttocks. This kind of virus is normally mild but it is usually itchy and irritating since those blisters are really painful.

According to a study, there are two forms of herpes; the first one is the oral herpes that has the ability to cause blisters on your mouth and face and it is commonly called fever blisters or cold sores. The second type of herpes is the genital herpes that also has the ability to affect the anal area and it can be transmitted through sexual contact.

This kind of viral infections can cause extreme pain in your genital area as well as in your mouth. According to studies, once you are infected by this viral infection, it will remain in your body permanently since they are usually fatal and it has the ability to cause serious condition especially to those individuals who have a weak immune system like newborn child and pregnant women.

Nowadays, there are antiviral medicines that are available in the market that will help in alleviating the symptoms of this viral infection as well as reduce outbreaks. You can easily determine if you have this kind of condition by checking the signs and symptoms of this viral infection in your body. At Miami Center for Dermatology, our professional dermatologists provide all patients with an effective Herpes Treatment.

Overview to Herpes Symptoms

Bear in mind that only a health care provider and herpes doctor can diagnose and determine whether an individual has herpes. The herpes doctor will conduct several examinations to their patient in a form of physical exam. One of the examinations that will conduct to a patient is blood test that has the ability to easily determine if you are infected by this kind of viral infection. By doing blood test, your physician can determine if you have the type 1 or the type 2 herpes. The herpes doctor makes use of sores fluid to confirm if you have herpes infection.

Oral Herpes Symptoms

The oral herpes symptom is a kind of infectious disease that can spread in your body through oral contact like smocking, sharing utensil tools and kissing. The symptoms will not totally appear after the infection takes place, it will take days and weeks. Other symptoms include:

  • fever

  • muscle aches

  • white tongue coating

  • swollen and red gums

  • neck swollen glands

Symptoms of Genital Herpes

Most of the individuals with genital herpes are caused by unprotected sexual contact. Most mothers that have genital herpes can pass the condition to their new born child that can caused meningitis, seizures, blindness and mental retardation. This genital herpes can affect the penis, buttocks, anus and scrotum. Other symptoms include:


  • Painkillers

  • Antiviral medications

  • Drink plenty of water

  • Proper hygiene

  • Anesthetic ointment

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