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Athlete’s Foot Symptoms and How Do You Treat It?

Athlete’s Foot Symptoms

Athlete’s Foot Symptoms and How Do You Treat It?

Athlete’s foot is a skin infection that commonly occurs on the soles of your feet and in the webs between your toes. This bacterial infection is derivative of fungus and can spread to the toenails, groin, and palms, encompassing entire areas of the body.

Medically known as tinea pedis, athlete’s foot is contagious and can transmit from one person to another. This transmission takes place as a result of direct contact. Walking on contaminated floors and coming into contact objects or surfaces often causes athlete’s foot in many patients. Athlete’s foot results in scaling, pain, burning, as well as foot itchiness.

When fungus appears and results in athlete’s foot, optimal treatments usually include topical antifungal medications like Terbinafine Lamisil. This product is available at any ordinary supermarket.

A dermatologist may also recommend other medication like itraconazole Sporanox, an antifungal application. Sporanox treats fungal infections and can help prevent athlete’s foot and other fungal infections like jock itch.

Athlete’s foot commonly appears as a red, scaly, and itchy eruption, which is also oozing and weepy. Different fungi families impart an ability for thriving in warm, moist environments. These include locker rooms, gyms, and nail salons, swimming pools, in addition to contaminated clothing, shoes, and socks.

Some people develop athlete’s foot on their feet from walking barefoot in areas where someone with athlete’s foot previously traversed. Some people wield propensities to this condition, while others may represent the more resilient.

People commonly employ jungle rot as an additional nomenclature for athlete’s foot. This name was often used by armed forces in tropical regions.

Athlete’s Foot Symptoms and Signs

Many patients with athlete’s foot infections display no signs or symptoms. They additionally do not often know the infection even exists. Afflicted patients generally think their skin is simply dry on the soles of their feet.

The symptoms that a dermatologist uses for athlete’s foot diagnosis includes burning as well as itching. The condition also common results in skin peeling. However, in more severe cases feet bleed. As a result, the patient will experience significant cracking and pain.

Athlete’s Foot Treatment

Dermatologists divide potential athlete’s foot treatment into two groups. The first involves preventative measures. By cultivating an environment less suitable for fungus growth, you can help prevent an athlete’s foot outbreak. This means keeping affected areas clean, as well as dry.

Utilize absorbent socks made from cotton. We also advise employing medicated powders like miconazole that keep the feet dry at all times. You may also soak your feet with aluminum acetate.

This process demonstrates proven effectiveness treating athlete’s foot infections. Many home remedies also exist like white vinegar solutions. Simply soak your feet twice per day for approximately 10 minutes.

The second treatment phase for athlete’s foot involves using antifungal lotions and creams. Numerous additional medications exist on the market today that can treat athlete’s foot. These include clotrimazoleTerbinafine, and ketoconazole. A pharmacist may also recommend additional treatments for your athlete’s foot.

Proper athlete’s foot treatment continues throughout approximately a 4 week period to allow for an optimal outcome. Better understanding the treatments play a vital role in maximizing outcomes while shortening your afflicted time.

Athlete’s Foot Treatment from the Miami Center for Dermatology

When a fungal infection invades your immune system resulting in an unfortunate case of athlete’s foot, a comprehensive diagnosis followed by optimal treatment is crucial. The caring and concerned staff from the Miami Center for Dermatology want to help!

Our team serves as a vital resource in the South Florida community to help individuals suffering from fungal infections. We can also offer numerous treatments for a variety of conditions. Dr. Longwill and the Miami Center for Dermatology may serve as the ideal solution for your effective treatment.

At our facility, your comfort and satisfaction represent our main concern. For this reason, we provide athlete’s foot treatments to our patients in the South Florida community. Miami Center for Dermatology cultivates every treatment we administer for your individual circumstances and needs.

Dr. Longwill and our team focus on finding natural, noninvasive methods to best serve our patients’ conditions, as well as recoveries. We pride ourselves on serving patients in the South Florida community by providing preeminent care concerning all things dermatological.

Additionally, Dr. Longwill’s background regarding osteopathic medicine best aids us to provide patients with a caring, understanding, comprehensive level of care.

In every phase of diagnosis and treatment, our specialists analyze and diagnose patients as entire individuals. Contrarily, many professionals in public healthcare focus on symptoms and also specific bodily areas or conditions.

For more information on athlete’s foot treatments from the Miami Center for Dermatology, please contact one of our team members today. We want to help you overcome your unfortunate condition while helping you to not only look good but feel good too!