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#LongWillLessons: Here’s What You Should Do After Your Microneedling Appointment

Contrary to popular belief, microneedling isn’t just a new thing from the past few years; it’s actually been around since the 90s, but is now becoming one of the hottest skincare trends. At the Miami Center for Dermatology, our experts highly recommend not only this innovative procedure, but also a few very crucial microneedling aftercare tips.

What’s Microneedling?

We know—needles can be pretty scary. If you know anything about microneedling though, you know it’s way less frightening than those huge shots you got as a kid! Minimally invasive and virtually painless, microneedling involves thousands of very small needles pricking the top layer of the skin to boost the skin’s natural healing properties. Although needles in your skin sound damaging, they’re actually great for anti-aging and healing acne scars if done correctly. By tricking your skin into thinking that it needs to heal the tiny wounds, your skin will produce more collagen and increase its cell turnover rate so that your skin feels smooth and soft.

Whether its wrinkles, dark spots, fine lines, or hyperpigmentation, microneedling can work wonders for it all to give your complexion that natural, youthful glow. It’s important to note, however, that one microneedling appointment won’t give you what you’re looking for, it’s something you have to incorporate into your routine for a while.

Another thing you have to pay attention to is that microneedling isn’t a one-size-fits-all, different microneedling tools yield different results. Because of this, make sure to have an in-depth discussion about what exact needle and technique your doctor will be using during the procedure. Microneedling aftercare tips are another thing you should definitely ask about as well.

What You Should Do After Your Appointment

Taking good care of your skin is just as important as any actual procedure you get done on your skin, so make sure you follow the rules. First, stay out of the sun! If you do decide to go out, cover your face as much as you can, however, do not use any sunscreens that aren’t recommended by your dermatologist because your pores will be open and ready to absorb any product you put on top of it. Another important one in our list of microneedling aftercare tips is to keep your skin as clean as possible.

Again, because your skin is very vulnerable and open after a microneedling session, it will be able to trap dirt and bacteria more easily, making you break out. Therefore, use a very mild, gentle cleanser to keep your face clean for the next three days after the procedure. You should also avoid using makeup or products with active ingredients, like glycolic acid, retinol, lactic acid, etc. Remember to drink plenty of water and apply any products that your doctor recommends after your appointment.

Young woman admiring her radiant skin after following all our microneedling aftercare tips

Should I Do DIY Microneedling?

DIY microneedling with your own device can seem very promising because of its much lower price point, but we sincerely do not recommend putting needles in your face by yourself. At a doctor’s office, the devices are medical-grade, unlike at-home devices. Not only will your DIY session not allow you to have the right technique during the application, but the size of the needles can also give you painful wounds, as they tend to be 0.2mm to 1mm.

Cheaper devices are also not as sterile, so you’ll have a higher chance of getting a breakout or an infection, making things much worse for your skin. In short, leave it to the professionals who are trained to perform this procedure correctly. When we do the hard work for you, all you’ll have to focus on is following those microneedling aftercare tips!

Woman performing DIY microneedling at home on herself, which we do not recommend. Getting this treatment done from a professional is much better.

Microneedling Aftercare Tips At Miami Center of Dermatology

Our team at the Miami Center for Dermatology would love to get you started with microneedling, but we need you to come in for a consultation first so we can determine which procedure is right for you. Schedule an appointment on our website as soon as you can!