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We Found The Cure To Cellulite Removal: Sculptra For Cellulite

Although we all love cute dimples on our cheeks, most of us despise those same dimples everywhere else… AKA cellulite. There are many ways people swear by when it comes to cellulite removal, but surprisingly, a lot of them don’t actually work that well. Sculptra for cellulite, however, is our dermatologists’ ultimate cure.

What’s Sculptra?

If you know how other injectable fillers work, then you won’t have a hard time understanding the science of Sculptra. Facial fillers come in liquid or gel form, usually made of bovine, hyaluronic acid, or porcine collagen. Although these substances can very well reduce wrinkles and fine lines for several months, they are not the same as collagen stimulators like the poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) in Sculptra’s formula. By going deep into the skin’s structure, it accelerates collagen production and restores volume gradually, lasting up to two years.

Because of this, your skin will look fuller for longer, and the results will appear more natural. Instead of a very noticeable, instantaneous change from other fillers, Sculptra’s slow changes will come from within as it stimulates your skin to produce more collagen. Monitoring your collagen production is especially important as you age because your skin will make less of it as you get older, leaving your skin more thin and vulnerable to uneven texture.

Although the Sculptra treatment is usually used when facial fat loss makes things like fine lines, hollow cheeks, and sunken eyes appear more noticeable. With the synthetic poly-L-lactic acid, these signs of aging diminish unlike any topical product can, and the same can be said with Sculptra for cellulite.

Dermatologist about to inject patient with filler on her backside to cure cellulite.

How Does Sculptra Cure Cellulite?

Because the process of restoring collagen is the same on the face as it is in areas with cellulite, the treatment is very similar. Sculptra can cure cellulite by locating the dimples and filling them up with new collagen to make your skin smooth and supple. Like most cosmetic dermatology procedures, your doctor will mark the dimples, numb the area with lidocaine or another anesthetic, and use a fine-gauge needle to inject the filler into the skin.
After the treatment, your doctor will massage the area so that the Sculptra is distributed evenly under the skin, preventing lumps and bumps from forming. If you need a cold compress, you can apply it to the skin, but there is little to no downtime after getting fillers. Injectable bruising is normal, and after about six weeks, you can come into the office for a follow-up to check that the cellulite is diminishing properly.

Bruising that is completely normal after receiving injectable fillers like Sculptra.

Should I Use Sculptra?

Sculptra for cellulite is safe for most people, as well as using the filler for other areas of your body. Like we mentioned before, correcting signs of aging in the face is another of Sculptra’s many benefits, so we highly recommend you ask your dermatologist about this cosmetic procedure to be absolutely sure that it’s safe for your skin. Our dermatologists here at our Miami office will surely be able to answer any questions you have regarding injectable fillers and if they are right for you.

At the Miami Center for Dermatology, we have plenty of options for you when it comes to injectable fillers and other cosmetic procedures. Stop by our office for a quick consultation to find out which treatment is best suited to you and your skin!

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