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Worried About Your Oily Skin in the Summer? Here Is How You Can Avoid That!

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Worried About Your Oily Skin in the Summer? Here Is How You Can Avoid That!

Believe it or not, the summer has a tendency to wreak havoc on people who have sensitive skin and oily skin. Why? Due to the sun’s ability to make you sweat and grease up, you can be further irritating sensitive skin and adding more oil to your already oily face. Thanks to the Pinecrest Dermatology Specialist, you now have different products and tricks to avoid having your skin damaged in the fun summer time!

Unfortunately, if you have oily skin, you are the most affected out of everyone. The best way to improve your skin over the summer to avoid greasy and oily skin is by following the Pinecrest Dermatology Specialist Tips!

  • Exfoliate: It is extremely important for you to exfoliate your skin weekly. Over exfoliating can cause a lot of damage to your skin, as well as multiplying the amount of oil your skin produces. A great exfoliant for oily skin is the Green Tea Exfoliator that targets the oil in your skin and cleans it all out for a fresher look!
  • Sun Protection: Your sun protection can endlessly help you and your oily skin, but the best sunscreen you can use is the ColoreScience Pro Mineral Powder. Since your skin is oily, this product is powder and allows you to have both protection and cleaner looking skin.
  • Hydration: Make sure to drink lots of water to hydrate your skin as it is under the exposure of the sun.
  • Cleanser: A high quality cleanser can help you remove any oil-clogged pores without over-drying your skin. Check out our Pinecrest Dermatology Specialist recommended facial cleansers today by clicking here!

With these tips and products, you’ll be able to avoid having oily skin all summer!

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