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Extra Blush Won’t Cover Your Rosacea, But This Can Help

If your face is naturally red, you might have rosacea. You probably feel like you’re the only one with red cheeks, but don’t worry! Rosacea is a very common skin condition that is completely treatable, even though there is no official cure. At the Miami Center for Dermatology, we want to help you with all of your skin needs, especially if you’re one of the three million people in the United States who suffer from this skin condition. April is Rosacea Awareness Month, so it’s the perfect time to get educated on everything about this condition and how you should prevent it from getting worse over time.

The Symptoms

As mentioned before, rosacea is a very common skin condition; however, it is especially common in thirty to sixty-year-old women who have fair skin. An important thing to note is that rosacea isn’t just red skin. Symptoms of this condition can be small, pus-filled red bumps, as well as a large nose, irritation, eye dryness, and general swelling.

Many women use full-coverage, heavy makeup to hide their red skin, but those bumps can show through even a thousand layers of foundation. Now that it’s Rosacea Awareness Month, it’s time to get rid of those symptoms as much as possible, so they don’t get worse over time and cause you even more distress.

The Factors

Rosacea can happen in your skin for many reasons. In some patients, rosacea is primarily caused by environmental reasons, while in other patients, rosacea is caused mainly by hereditary and genetic reasons. Some of the factors you can try to avoid are consuming hot foods and beverages, consuming spicy foods, consuming alcohol, being in saunas, and using corticosteroids. These can all cause your face to get red, which you want to stay away from so that your skin will appear less red and irritated.

Rosacea on human skin, closeup

Rosacea on human skin, closeup

What We Can Do for You

At the Miami Center for Dermatology, we can provide you with a specialized treatment just for your rosacea. Treating this skin condition usually involves oral antibiotics and topical anti-acne treatments, and we tend to lean towards giving our patients the latter. We have plenty of amazingly effective treatment products that fight rosacea at the source and helps reduce those pesky red bumps and soothes inflamed skin.

Some of our favorites include the Lytic Tx cream from Epionce and the Green Tea Body Lotion from our custom skincare line. Both of these products powerfully but gently reduce redness and inflammation while also fighting those red bumps to help you achieve smooth, rosacea-free skin. The Lytic Tx cream cleanses your pores and reduces the texture that peeks out through your makeup.

Rosacea awareness month

Once you start using this product daily, you’ll not only see results in the short term but in the long run as well. The Green Tea Body Lotion uses antioxidants to calm and soothe the skin, which is perfect for irritated skin. Our experienced, well-versed dermatologists want to help you with every skin need imaginable, and the best way to do that is through a consultation right at our office! Feel free to call us now and schedule an appointment so we can provide you with a customized skin regimen that’s perfect for getting the beautiful skin you dream about.