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Types of Acne Scars

Types of Acne Scars and Treatment

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Do you utilize concealers to hide the blemishes on your face especially acne scars? Grown tires of employing this method, ashamed of how you look? It is time to enlist an expert acne dermatologist’s services.

However, before beginning any treatment, it is important to consider the different acne scar types. As you learn of different acne scars pathogenesis classification and treatment, you can understand the diversity in treatments.

Acne Scar Types

Lesions on your face, back, as well as another bodily area, result in acne scars. This occurs when the lesions develop inflammation and rupture the follicle wall. As a result, the infected material reaches and damages the dermis.

The skin produced collagen to fix the dermis to repair the inflammatory acne damage. Unfortunately, this creates residual scarring. The bigger a lesion, the more likely it is to result in scarring surrounding skin as it ruptures.

Common scars that can affect individual’s bodies include:

  • Ice Pick Acne Scars

Ice pick acne scars are deep yet narrow looking scars. They extend to the dermis. These scars cause the skin to look as if pierces through a sharp instrument or ice pick. Ice pick acne scars resemble small and deep holes in the skin or even an open pore.

A person can develop ice pick acne scars when an infection spreads from a deeply inflamed blemish or cyst. Destroyed skin tissues leave a long, column-like scar on the face. Common ice pick acne scar treatments include punch grafting as well as punch excision.

  • Rolling Acne Scars

Rolling acne scars appear wavelike or as rolling undulations across the skin. These scars arise as fibrous bands in tissues develop between the skin surface and subcutaneous tissue. The bands pull and stretch the epidermis while binding it into the skin’s deeper structures.

As a result, the skin appears rolling and leads to scars. Acne dermatologists treat this scar type with subcision.

  • Boxcar Scars

Boxcar scarring appears as an oval or round depressed acne scar. The side of a boxcar scar is steep and vertical. Boxcar scars can appear wider than ice pick scars, resulting in a pitted appearance.

A person develops boxcar scars when inflammation breaks collagen. This leads to tissue loss. The skin in the area loses substructure in addition to support. As a result, it appears depressed on the surface.

Boxcar scars can begin as superficial, or severe cases. It all depends on the amount of lost tissue a patient displays. A boxcar scar condition is treated with elevation, punch excision, and dermal fillers, in addition to laser treatments like ablative laser skin tones procedures.

  • Keloid or Hypertrophic Scars

Keloid and hypertrophic scar tissues appear raised with firm mass. These raised acne scars can grow larger than a wound’s actual size. Men commonly display these scars on the torso.

A Keloid and hypertrophic scar condition is the result of collagen overdevelopment as opposed to losing tissues. An expert acne dermatologist treats the condition utilizing steroid or cortisone creams, injections, and tapes. These treatments help scars flatten and shrink.

A qualified, expert dermatologist can help you with an optimal, appropriate treatment with ease. Furthermore, that can provide you with new ideas to help treat your specific scarring condition.

Acne Scar Treatment

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