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What to Add to Your 2018 Skin Care Routine and What to Leave in 2017

Daily Skin Care

The way most individuals approach skincare varies from time to time. What may have seemed like the cure-all for your skin issues last year may not be as effective this year. This does not mean that your previous methods were inadequate, it is simply a sign of how quickly we are advancing in the field of dermatology. The Miami Center for Dermatology is here to provide expert advice on your Daily Skin Care and inform you on what new additions you should be making in 2018.

Have you wondered time and time again How to Get Clear Skin? It is often a notion that seems far away and one that you will never accomplish. Just when you think your skin is changing for the better, a sudden break out occurs due to stress or unhealthy habits. When designing the right Skin Care Routine for you, there are several things you should keep in mind.

Non Laser Skin Resurfacing Treatments

The first is your skin type. Are the cleansers and moisturizers you’re using working in the way that they should? It may be tempting to grab the quickest and cheapest product off the shelf at your local beauty store, but it is important that you take the time to inspect the ingredients used and determine whether they are right for your skin type. Take our quiz here to help determine your skin type!

Most individuals fall into the category of having either dry, oily, or combination skin. Depending on which applies to you, you should search for products that compliment your skin. Luckily, our online store makes it easy. We have tons of specially crafted Daily Skin Care formulas that specify which skin type it is best suited for and our professionals are always available to point you in the right direction.

If you are looking to up your skincare game and take steps towards a more hydrated and bright complexion, our experts highly recommend the Hydra Facial Treatment. Available at our center, Hydra Facial is an innovative solution to non-laser skin resurfacing technology.

The treatment cleanses, exfoliates, and extracts blemishes from the skin and provides vital antioxidants that are necessary for supplementing your skin’s natural healing abilities. It the fastest and most effective way of ensuring your skin has everything it needs to thrive while repairing any damage that has already been made.

Best Skin Care Products

Another popular service is our Probiotic Youthboost Peel. Unlike other traditional chemical peels that may cause more harm than good, this method regenerates healthy skin for a glowing appearance. It tightens, brightens, and detoxifies your skin, all important aspects that should be performed on a regular basis to keep you looking your best.

Ever since its introduction as a service at our center, patients have loved the incredible results our Probiotic Youthboost Peel can provide. Our bodies naturally process and create good bacteria for us, and this peel works in just about the same manner. It stimulates the production of collagen and tightens loose skin in all the right places.

The Miami Center for Dermatology offers a variety of cosmetic and medical procedures to help you look and feel your best! Call us today at (305) 279-7546 for more information on our Daily Skin Care products or click here to make an appointment now!