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Quit Squatting and Try a Non-Surgical Butt Lift For A Perfectly Round Booty

We can all agree that butts are beautiful. Getting a natural butt lift with just exercise, however, can feel impossible. If you feel like all those squats you’ve been doing have been in vain, it’s time to start considering a non-surgical butt lift instead.

What’s a Non-Surgical Butt Lift?

You might be familiar with popular injectable fillers, like Juvederm for your lips or Radiesse for your fine lines and wrinkles. However, your facial features aren’t the only things you can transform. Like most non-surgical procedures, the butt lift that we provide here at the Miami Center for Dermatology is completely non-invasive and mainly works in the same way that other fillers do. As plastic surgery becomes more and more popular, new technology for butt lifts is making its way onto the scene.

Despite this, the three main ways of giving your butt a little push in the right direction include the classic Brazilian Butt Lift (which involves fat grafting through liposuction), butt implants, and finally injectable fillers. This last non-surgical butt lift is the perfect way to give your booty a boost, especially if you opt for fillers like Sculptra. Unlike other butt lifts that tend to be incredibly more noticeable, fillers are more subtle and fade away over time.

The Perfect Filler

If you don’t feel comfortable with a life-long commitment, Sculptra is a temporary solution that gives you a more natural enhancement. As opposed to other fillers, like those that use hyaluronic acid, Sculptra uses the least amount of product to obtain the best results. By causing your body to produce more collagen, this non-surgical butt lift has nothing to do with your fat as it does in other procedures. This is great for those who want a better butt but don’t have anywhere on their bodies to get liposuction.

Also, unlike permanent, surgical procedures, there is pretty much no downtime after getting fillers. Dermatologists warn that you might feel a little sore, but there will be no unbearable pain or bothersome steps for recovery because the procedure isn’t invasive at all. Although your plastic surgeon might not want to let you do any exercise the first day, you can pretty much go back to all your other normal activities that same day.

However, just like any other cosmetic process, there are a few things you should be aware of before impulsively getting anything done. Although Sculptra is all-around the best filler for your butt, the product doesn’t dissolve as other fillers do, so there’s a small chance you’ll experience some lumpiness.

If this unfortunately happens, your only option will be to accept the bumps until the product naturally fades away or to remove to cut out the lumps surgically. Another risk is one associated with any time you use needles, which is an infection. All of these risks are very uncommon, so it’s unlikely you’ll experience these side effects.

Dermatologist’s hand holding a needle with an injectable filler.

Non-surgical butt lift at Miami Center for Dermatology

At Miami Center for Dermatology, we specialize in cosmetic dermatology and have a team full of skilled professionals that are experienced in plastic surgery. We would be happy to have a consultation with you to determine if Sculptra is the right non-surgical option for that booty lift you’ve been dreaming of. Don’t be shy; schedule an appointment at our Miami office as soon as you can!