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Skin Conditions Caused by Food Allergies

Skin Allergy Treatment

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Sometimes, without realizing it or knowing about it, we are put in the situation where we eat a food that causes us to have allergies which leads to a more serious situation, such as a skin condition. The Pinecrest Dermatology Center understands the importance of being aware of specific skin conditions caused by food allergies as well as knowing what foods you are allergic to in order to prevent them.

A few skin conditions caused by food allergies include:

  1. Anaphylaxis: This skin condition is a serious reaction with urticarial rash which can cause breathing problems and a circulatory collapse.
  2. Photoallergic Contact Dermatitis: Touching the food you are allergic to leads to having dermatitis in areas in contact with the food and then it is all exposed to the sun.
  3. Atopic Eczema: Exacerbation’s of eczema after you eat certain foods.
  4. Acute Urticaria: A hive reaction that occurs after you eat the food you are allergic to.
  5. Contact Urticaria: In the area you touched the food with can become swollen and red after touching it.

Now that you know the types of painful and difficult to deal with skin conditions that are caused by food allergies, you can now learn how to avoid them!

The best way to avoid food allergies with painful consequences is to visit your doctor and take an allergy test to see if there is anything that you are allergic to.

Here at the Miami Center for Dermatology, your comfort and satisfaction is our main concern. For that reason, we offer Skin Allergy Treatment. Call Today to schedule an appointment at (305) 279-7546 or Click Here to Contact Us Today!