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Skin Irritation Treatment in Pinecrest

Causes of Skin Irritations

Skin Irritation Treatment

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Without even noticing, you could be doing something or eating a certain food that could be irritating your skin. It might not be serious at the moment, but without treatment, the irritation can grow into something much worse.

What can cause skin irritation?

  • Soap: Too much hand washing or soap scrubbing in the shower can strip the skin of its natural oils. This causes your skin to become dry and chapped very quickly. If it isn’t treated it can result in cracked or bleeding skin.
  • House Cleaning Products: Many of the products you use to clean your house have chemicals that have irritating effects on skin. Products such as dish-detergents, laundry detergent, furniture polish, drain cleaners, window cleaners, and toilet disinfectants. To avoid getting irritated by products, wear gloves when you are cleaning for protection.
  • Clothing: Clothes that are made of rough fabric can become a problem for those who have skin disorders such as eczema. If your clothing is causing you itching or irritation, keep clothes made from cotton or cotton poly in your wardrobe.
  • Heat: Hot weather aggravates skin because of sweating.
  • Fragrances: So many products, like cleansers, soaps, and deodorants have fragrances that can cause irritation on your skin. Purchase any of those toiletries without fragrances and see the difference!
  • Face Creams: If you feel a sting or burn when you use a face cream, you are experiencing irritations on your skin. This is caused by deep pores being breached.
  • Food: If you have any type of food allergy, your skin is at risk of reaction from the allergy.

What is the best Skin Irritation Treatment in Pinecrest?

Dr. Longwill offers the best Skin Irritation Treatment in Pinecrest as well as products that can help you treat or avoid skin irritations or allergies.

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