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Our VI Peel Precision Will Give Your Face The Spring Cleaning It Needs

If you’ve been sticking to your skincare regimen religiously for a while but just haven’t gotten those results you’re looking for, have you ever thought of trying a peel? No, we’re not talking about a banana peel, we’re talking about a chemical peel. The word ‘chemical’ might sound daunting and dangerous, but you’d be surprised when you hear the amazing benefits our VI Peel Precision can give your skin.

Adult Woman Receiving Skin Chemical Peel Treatment at Dermatologist

Adult Woman Receiving Skin Chemical Peel Treatment at Dermatologist.

What’s a Chemical Peel?

A chemical peel is simply a type of facial using acid that is applied to the skin. Depending on the strength of the peel, different acids are used to penetrate the layers of skin on your face, exfoliating dead skin cells. By making your skin blister, your face will start to peel layers of skin, revealing a smoother, softer, and younger-looking complexion.

This improves the skin’s appearance overall by reversing sun damage, evening out tone, and even treating severe acne. However, chemical peels have a bad rap because of common misconceptions that have spread around over the years. Although you might’ve heard that chemical peels are painful and that they make your skin feel red and irritated, this is not the case for modern chemical peels such as the VI Peel Precision.

The Magical VI Peel Precision

At the Miami Center for Dermatology, we offer this amazing VI Peel Precision that does everything a chemical peel can but in only seven days. The peel is completely pain-free and specifically formulated to reduce signs of aging, dark spots, and blemishes while also being gentle enough not to exasperate your skin. The Precision booster with the VI Peel has a higher concentration of the powerful ingredients that will work wonders for your face, and the entire facial only takes thirty minutes.

Even better, the VI Peel Precision doesn’t take away from your everyday life because it is non-invasive and requires minimal downtime. Just like with many other chemical peels, this one from VI Aesthetics continuously gives you more results over time the more you have the procedure done. Based on your skin type and desired results, our skin professionals can determine how often you should get the VI Peel Precision done to get the most significant transformation from your skin. Adding this chemical peel to your skincare regimen can be what gives your skin the jumpstart it needs! We also offer the VI Peel Precision Plus, which provides the same long-lasting effects but with a more potent formula that can reduce stubborn wrinkles and fine lines, and even treat conditions like hyperpigmentation.

With its brightening, cleansing, and balancing effects, the VI Peel Precision is not just for people who have acute skin conditions. Even if you already have a pretty good complexion, a chemical peel can take your skin to the next level, making it stronger and healthier.

When it comes to any skin procedure, you need a consultation and evaluation of your skin by one of our experienced, professional dermatologists. Chemical peels can be harmful to your skin if you get one that’s not suitable for your skin type, so it’s not smart to pick any random peel.

VI Peel Precision at Miami Center For Dermatology

What seems to work for everyone might not work for your face, so communicate as much information about your specific skin needs with your dermatologist. We would love to see you stop by our Miami Center for Dermatology!