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Your Mother DESERVES One Of These Facials

With Mother’s Day coming up, you’re probably stuck on what to get her as a gift. Instead of giving her perfume for the third year in a row, why not treat her to a rejuvenating facial at our spa? Calming sensations and relaxation are just what your mom needs from the stress of life, and she deserves to be treated with love and care! Here are four Facials in Miami to try at Miami Center For Dermatology.

Oxygen Facial

 Facials in Miami

Oxygen Facial

The Intraceutical Oxygen Infusion Facial combines a relaxing day at the spa with amazing results for your skin. When many different spa resorts provide facials in Miami, this Oxygen Facial is one of the latest skin treatments—and it’s actually worth the hype. Many results come from this powerful method, such as increased collagen production for youthful skin, detoxification from pollution and sun exposure, and faster cell turnover for eliminating dead skin cells and acne scars.

After only an hour of this facial, you’ll already see immediate results. Your mother’s skin will feel plump, hydrated, and renewed. The Intraceutical Oxygen Infusion Facial is perfect for aging skin by reducing fine lines and wrinkles, especially if she decides to have the facial done regularly.

Pores No More

Acne has no age. What was once thought as a “teen’s problem” is now known as an issue that can follow you for the rest of your life after puberty. Your mother could be struggling with problematic skin that gives her acne and enlarged pores. Our ultimate solution for this is the Pores No More Facial. It includes a deep cleansing treatment, exfoliation, manual pore extractions for any bacteria and oil under your skin’s surface layer, high frequency, and our custom Minty Fresh Mask. We’ll finish off your mom’s skin with a potent purity ampoule, oil-free moisturizer, and sunscreen to protect her complexion.


This facial has been around for a while, but the results will astound that special mother figure in your life! Microdermabrasion is a minimally invasive procedure that improves the texture of your skin using a device that polishes away the surface layer of your skin, stimulating your cells to produce collagen. By the end of this restoring and relaxing facial, your mom’s skin will feel soft and appear vibrant. Our microdermabrasion treatment is great for reducing hyperpigmentation, age spots, dull-looking skin, acne scars, and fine lines. If you ever hear your mom complain about these skin problems, we highly recommend treating her to this quick and easy facial.

Longwill Signature

One of our favorite skin treatments, the Longwill Signature Facial is the absolute best for pampering your mom and making her feel appreciated! Starting with a gentle foam cleanser, we prep the skin to absorb other skincare products by cleaning off the dirt and oil from the top. We continue with a mild glycolic acid to tone the skin, a facial massage to stimulate blood flow, a coconut and papaya enzyme with steam, and skin extractions for removing bacteria and extra sebum under the skin.

With green tea, we mist the entire face and then apply a fifteen-minute collagen mask. Your mother will even get a foot massage, eye cream, an anti-aging ampoule, and tinted sunscreen. Giving her this ultimate facial will be sure to make her Mother’s Day.

Facials in Miami

Our Miami Center for Dermatology is the perfect place for getting facials in Miami, whether it’s for you or a loved one. We offer many more facials in Miami and would love to provide you with a calming experience that’s great for your skin’s health, so take a look at our website and book an appointment with us!

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