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What Are Some Acne Myths?

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Best Acne Treatment in Pinecrest

With so much information, tips, and articles out there in the world that surround the topic on acne, it is difficult to know what is true and what is not. That is why Miami Center for Dermatology is here to clear up any type of false information on acne that has been advertised to many people. Miami Center for Dermatology not only has many years of experience and great review, but they also offer the Best Acne Treatment in Pinecrest, click here to schedule an appointment.

Acne Myth: Stress causes acne

Truth: Stress can affect your hormones and can promote acne, but with an effective and powerful acne treatment, that will overpower any stressful day that you have. Visit Dr. Longwill’s shop for the Best Acne Treatment in Pinecrest.

Acne Myth: Only teenagers get acne

Truth: Acne does not just appear on young adults but on older adults too. 50% of adult men and 25% of adult women experience adult acne in their life.

Acne Myth: Popping pimples is okay

Truth: Popping a pimple not only hurts but can actually make the pimple much worse by spreading the bacteria underneath it around your face. Popping pimples can also leave an acne mark that is very visible. Try using one of Dr. Longwill’s products to reduce the size of the pimple.

Acne Myth: Poor hygiene can cause acne

Truth: Many people believe acne is caused by dirty skin and this causes them to wash their face constantly and aggressively. When you wash your skin too much or too harshly, you can make the acne breakout even worse. Wash your face once or twice a day with warm water and use one of Dr. Longwill’s acne face washes for the best results.

Acne Myth: Acne can be caused by junk food

Truth: Though there are many links between food and acne, greasy junk food is usually not one of them. Often there are regular foods you can eat/ drink that can cause acne such as milk. If you are eating greasy foods, avoid touching your face because the grease can clog your pores and lead to an acne breakout.

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