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Does Acne Run In Your Family?

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When it comes to skin problems, acquiring or developing any of these problems may be due to the natural elements where your skin is exposed or, sometimes, it has something to do with the genes. There are many people who think that they get different skin problems such as acne not because of the elements but mainly because of the genes that they have inherited from their predecessors. Once you notice that your parents have acne problems, chances are, you will also be given the same problem as you grow old.

But for dermatology experts, they would clearly say that there may be people who would say that they have gained acne genes especially when they notice that some of their family members have it to. Though the skin problems can be linked with the so called acne genes, experts would always say that people should not worry much since there are many treatments available nowadays for getting rid of the skin problems.

Other Characteristics Can Lead to Acne

But there are also people who encounter acne problems even if their parents and their grandparents have clear skin. Though there are no faulty acne genes that are found to cause the inheritance of the acne, there are still different characteristics that they may get that can lead to such skin conditions. People should always keep in mind that acne develops not only because of inheritance but mainly because of clogged pores with sebum as well as dead skin cells. This is the place where bacteria can be formed, which causes acne.

The possible characteristics that anyone may inherit from their parents are not the so called acne genes but particular genetic make-up that triggers the production of excess oil. As excess oil is produced, dead skin cells are being trapped within the pores that also cause the development of acne. Furthermore, there are also studies showing that when a mother has experienced any acne problem in any point of her life, the child’s chance of having acne is feasible. The development of these acne problems may be worse than what their mother has experienced. It is said that it may pass on to the child because of their X chromosomes.

There is always the tendency that you can develop the same problem maybe even worse than what your parents had in their adolescent stage. You should also keep in mind that acne is part of the puberty stage. There is a great chance that if you would treat it right the acne may subside and you may not have to suffer from it for a long time.

Though the so called acne genes may be passed unto your entire family, you will not have to worry that much. Since in the field of dermatology, there are already various treatments available for getting rid of mild to severe acne. This will give you the opportunity to think that you will not have to suffer from the same acne problem like your parents have. Being able to talk to your dermatologist before your acne get worse will allow you to prevent it from getting worse than what your parents or family members had.

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